There are many different situations which call for the use of a rubber part, and Scotts FRP has you covered for the majority of them.


Scotts FRP specialises in the supply of commercial rubber products such as extrusions, mats, sheet rubber and strip rubber. Our products are constructed from the highest quality rubber and will give you a suitable means of getting the job done.

Whether you’re a home handyman, a renovator, a hobbyist or a manufacturer, we have all your rubber needs covered. Scotts FRP supplies quality rubber products to the south-east Queensland city of Toowoomba.

Scotts FRP offers a wide range of rubber products that can be used for various purposes. From neoprene, insertion rubber, rubber matting, boot mats and ute matting, to pinchwelds and sponge rubber, docking rubber and wheel arch flares, sheet rubber and strip rubber, we have what you need at a price you can afford.

We also offer carpet protectors, rubber door mats, exercise bands, rubber grommets, plastic and rubber chair tips, vinyl and more. Our rubber products will be extremely useful for all types of projects, builds, crafts, workplaces and lifestyles.

All of our rubber products have been manufactured to meet Australian standards, and we will happily help you find the best solution for your rubber needs.

We’ve built our reputation on providing a great range of quality products at affordable prices, and consistently strong and supportive customer service.

When you purchase rubber products from Scotts FRP, you can rest assured they will function robustly and last for a long time. Our rubber products are versatile, durable and solid yet flexible, and can withstand enormous pressure to do their job well.

Sheet rubber

We stock specialised sheet rubber by the roll, that you can use for a huge variety of purposes. Our multipurpose sheet rubber can be used on its own in the back of vehicles,

trays and trailers, as a liner for tool boxes and so much more. Sheet rubber is ideal for use in fabricating gaskets, mud flaps, and many other commercial and household items. There are endless uses for sheet rubber – and you are limited only by your imagination.

Strip rubber

Strip rubber, both insertion and neoprene, is weather and chemical resistant, so it extremely useful in situations involving exposure to the elements or certain chemicals.

Our strip rubber products are waterproof, moderately resistant to UV exposure, and easy to handle, so are suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. Our strip rubber can fill in the gaps and accommodate corners, edges and bends easily, and can be cut and manipulated to suit whatever your needs are.

Being easy to clean, durable and hard-wearing makes strip rubber a great choice for your home or industrial project.

Rubber mats

UV stabilised rubber matting is an ideal choice for ute trays, vans and commercial vehicles and offers protection for your vehicle while being easily removed for cleaning purposes.

Our rubber mats are also useful in boots, workshops, outdoor areas, industrial spaces, garages, loading docks and general-purpose floors, and can be specifically cut to length off the roll, using your measurements.

These mats are tough, hardy and able to cope with a great deal of use and wear, whether indoors or outdoors.

Rubber extrusions

Rubber extrusions are specifically shaped rubber products that can be used for various applications. Our extruded rubber products are highly resistant to heat and chemicals and have flexible characteristics that are often used in sealing situations.

We stock a wide range of rubber extrusions that can be used in many industries nationwide. Our pinchwelds, glazing channels, and rubber extrusions can be used for sealing:

  • Doors
  • Boots and bonnets on cars, trucks, utes and tractors
  • Lids and doors on caravans, trains, excavators etc.
  •  Electrical switchboards and cabinets
  • Vehicle windows

These multipurpose extrusions will seal out water and dust safely at a wide range of temperatures with excellent resistance to weather.

The home of quality rubber supplies

Take a look at all the different types of rubber we have on offer. We can provide expert advice about which of our rubber products will best meet your needs, and our experienced team will help you find exactly what you need for whatever task you have in mind. Whatever type of rubber product you need, we are your friendly, local and experienced go-to supplier. Nothing could be easier than sourcing your rubber products from Scotts FRP,

either online or in store. With our practical, affordable and versatile range of rubber products you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here at Scotts FRP.


About Us

ScottsFRP are your local Foam, Rubber & Pool experts, stocking a massive variety of products to suit all types of projects, builds, crafts, lifestyles and work places. Available in Toowoomba:

FOAM – Mattresses, beds, bed protectors, furniture, bed covers, overlays, pillows, latex, polyester, sheet foam, filter foam and more.

RUBBER – Auto-pinchweld/extrusions, rubber matting, carpet, carpet protector, plastic, indoor/outdoor mats, sheet rubber, ute matting, strip rubber, chair tips, grommets, exercise bands, vinyl and more.

POOLS – Above ground pools, chemicals, filters, sand, cartridges, ladders, sports rolls, pool toys, parts and more.

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