Pipe Insulation Flexicell NBR 25mm ID x 13mm Wall x 2MTRS – $11.95

Flexible closed cell elastomeric foam suitable for condensation control, thermal insulation and sound absorption.

  • Noise control properties
  • Low VOC level low ODP & GWP values
  • Very flexible foam insulation
  • Built-in water vapour barrier
  • Very secure joints when the Flexicell NBR glue is used.
  • Very good thermal performance


Pipe Insulation Flexicell NBR 25mm ID x 13mm Wall x 2MTRS

is a flexible closed cell thermal insulation material for condensation control in air-conditioning, refrigeration and chilled water installa­tions. It is also suitable for reducing thermal losses in heating and plumbing sys­tems. The combination of its technical properties – a low thermal conductivity and a high resistance to water vapor transmission- and its competitive price makes it a cost-effective energy-saving solution.

ThePipe Insulation Flexicell NBR 25mm ID x 13mm Wall x 2MTRS has more range that covers the majority of pipe sizes used in these types of installations.



Flexicell is rated Class Oas per BS 476 Part 6 & 7 for spread of flame and fire propa­gation. It does not melt, nor drip when burning, therefore does not cause fire transfer. Low smoke density makes it a safer option.



Flexicell NBR has a unique closed cell stru­cture, which offers the material a very good and stable thermal performance through a low Lambda p,) value



Flexicell NBR is CFC & HCFC free, fiber free, dust free and resistant to mold and fungi growth. It has very low ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential)



Flexicell NBR is compounded to achieve a high water vapour diffusion resistance through its closed cell structure and outer dense skin. This helps maintaining a steady thermal performance and a long service life.



Flexicell NBR is quick and easy to install due to its high flexibility, dimensional stability and smooth surface skin. It can be applied on pipes, ducts and tanks.




Brief description:

Highly-flexible, closed-cell insulation material with high water vapor diffusion resistance and low thermal conductivity. Material: Elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber with density between 60-70 Kg/m3

Self-adhesive coating: Pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on modified acrylate basis. Covered with polyethylene foil. Applications: Insulation / protection for pipes, air ducts, vessels (incl. elbows, fittings, flanges etc.) of air-conditioning / refrigeration and process equipment to prevent condensation and sea energy.


PropertyValue/ AssestmentTested acc. to:
Temperature range

Max. line temperature

Min. line temperature

Our Customer Service Center should be consulted for applications with temperatures below -50 C

+ 150° C (flat surface and tape +85° C) -50° C (-200°C}DIN EN 14706: 2005 (E) ASTM C534 Type 1 & 2
Thermal conductivity A[W/(m•K)]

at 24[0C]

at 40[0C]

0.033ASTM C518 : 2010 ASTM C518 : 2010
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor

Water vapor permeance [perms]

Water absorption [% by volume]




BS EN 12086 : 1997
ASTM C209 : 1 998
Reaction to fire

1. Building material class**

2. Practical fire behaviour

Class 0

Low flammability, self-extinguishing,

does not drip, does not spread flames: Class1

BS 476 Part 6 & 7 ASTM
Smoke and toxicityPassedIMO MSC 61(67)
Acoustic insulationReduction of structure-borne sound transmission; Insulation effect up to 28 dB(A)DIN52219

DIN EN ISO 3822-1

Compression set31.23% (for 25mm) 29.83% (for 32mm)ASTM D3574
Resistance to fungiExcellentASTM G21 : 2009
Resistance to bacteriaExcellentISO 22196 : 2007
Emission (VOC level)< 6 µg/m2/hrASTM D5116
Chemical resistanceVery goodASTM C871
Environment friendly

Ozone resistance

Ozone Depletion Potential

Global Warming Potential

CFC & HCFC, dust, fibres






Storage life

Can be stored in dry, clean rooms at normal relative humidity (50% to 70%) and ambient temperature (0° C – 35′ C)

1 year for self-adhesive sheets/rolls, self-adhesive tapes 


Property MeanTested acc. to:
Ignition timeNil minASTM 1530.3
Flame propagation time

Heat release integral

Smoke release, log d

Optical density, d

Min s

Nil  kJ/m2


0.1657 /m





REGULATORY INDICES: lgnitability Index 




Spread of Flame Index

Heat Evolved Index

Smoke Developed Index









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